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If your looking for yard and garden mulch you've come to the right web site. We specialize in mulch of all varieties and we deliver! Here's the mulch as they say...

One cubic yard is three feet by three feet by three feet. One cubic yard will cover and area approx. 108 sq. feet (ten feet by ten feet) at a depth of 3 inches. We recommend a 3 inch depth to prevent weed growth. There are 21 bushels in a cubic yard. One bushel or one bag will cover approx. 5 sq. feet.

Celock Mulch Pronounced SEA LOCK it is our newest mulch that offers the best of two worlds- it is 50% Eastern Red Cedar and 50% Hemlock. It offers the great cedar fragrance, insect resistant with the longevity of Hemlock Mulch. This is our number one recommended mulch.

Colored Shredded Hardwood Mulch is made from scrap hardwood such as pallets, boxes, scrap lumber and hardwood trees. It is mostly Oak, Maple and Hickory. The wood is shredded and dyed a specific color - red, brown, gold or orange. The dye is similar to food colorant, is environmentally friendly, and will not harm your kids or pets.

Hemlock Mulch is one of our favorites. It has a pine scent, is somewhat insect resistant, keeps its' color, is great for trees and plants and is 100% natural.

Western Red Cedar Mulch is another great mulch, It is insect resistant and will last the longest our of all our mulch products. It is 100% natural, looks great next to grass and firs and has a great smell.

Eastern Red Cedar is lighter in color, insect resistant, 100% natural and is very aromatic.

Hardwood Bark is best suited for general ground cover, it decomposes quickly and is excellent for mulching in the garden.

Hardwood Playground Chips are used for playground areas, tot lots or anyplace where kids play. They are 100% natural and are not treated with any chemicals.

Our Top Soil is a 50/50% blend of pure top soil and brown dirt. It is good for the garden, lawns and general fill.

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