Buy Mulch to Dress Up Your Landscaping and Protect Your Garden

buy mulch for your landscape 300x189Mulch is aesthetically pleasing and practical, but choosing the right one is often challenging since the product comes in many different forms. The difference between the type of mulch most people use in the garden and landscaping mulch is that garden mulch is generally an organic material, while landscaping mulch can be either organic or inorganic.

Types of Mulch

Organic mulch options include shredded bark, wood chips and cocoa shells along with compost, grass clippings and leaves. Inorganic mulch is usually made from stone, plastic or landscaping fabric. In the garden, choose mulch according to the kind of vegetables that you intend to grow. Also, consider our area’s climate. When it comes to your home’s landscaping, buy mulch according to your preferred style, home’s architectural design and plant life.

The Best Mulch for Your Garden

For the garden, we recommend biodegradable mulch like grass clippings, leaves or compost because these materials break down into the soil and become organic matter. Grass clippings and compost are a good source of nutrition for your plants and soil. In addition, compost contains a material blend that controls disease and entices earthworms to your garden. Earthworms channel through your soil creating tunnels. When your soil contains tunnels, water and air can reach the roots of your plants. This causes your garden’s plant life to thrive. Spread the mulch about 8 to 10 inches thick, and add it to the area during the spring and fall.

The Best Mulch for Your Landscaping

For your landscaping, select mulch that will decorate your flowerbeds and give them a finished look. Shredded bark will blend in with your landscaping’s flowers, ground cover and bushes. The material keeps the soil moist and cool. It’s also ideal for weed control. If you enhance these areas with bark, then plan to replace the material periodically. For low maintenance, cover your landscaped sections with stone mulch. To prevent the stones from sinking down into the soil, use a layer of landscaping fabric or black plastic. Also, don’t let the stones touch the area’s vegetation because they can retain too much heat and harm your plants. This type of mulch is long lasting and attractive.

When to Buy Mulch?

According to Wisconline, the best time to mulch your landscaping areas is in the fall after the cold weather freezes the ground for the first time. Add about 2 inches of mulch as this will be enough to protect your perennials. Be sure to cover your garden before the ground freezes. This timing will ensure that your soil remains loose and unfrozen. It will also let you dig out root vegetables into the winter months.

Mulch Builds Your Soil

Mulch improves the health of your soil since it helps to control weeds while preserving moisture. When you buy mulch, be sure to purchase the best type for each of your outdoor areas. The right mulch will dress up your landscaping and provide an extra layer of protection for your garden.

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