How to Make Your Mulch Work for You

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Cedar mulch ready for the new garden

Ordering garden mulch can seem like an intimidating venture if you have seen a big pile of freshly delivered mulch sit on the edge of your neighbor’s yard for months. However, ordering bulk mulch does not mean you will have a pile of wood chips sitting on your lawn indefinitely. You’ll want to use it quickly since mulch provides a number of benefits. To get a better idea of how bulk mulch should be delivered and how it is used, keep reading.

Having your bulk mulch delivered by pros

When you work with landscapers or high-end homes, you learn the finer points of mulch delivery and what can go wrong. For example, some companies think it is okay to rush through the job and dump a bunch of mulch on the property. Instead, we take the time to deliver large orders of mulch to the owners’ specifications. This means delivering the mulch to a specific area of the yard that will not cover expensive turf or stain pavements. We also place a tarp under the mulch delivery to make it easier to use or clean up.

An affordable way to add curb appeal

In most cases, customers that want to order mulch are doing it for the instant curb appeal it provides. This is especially helpful when the yard has been flooded or has serious drought issues. Sadly, too many property owners are not aware that mulch has several materials it can be made from that dramatically change the look of a landscape. For example, in addition to varying colors of wood mulch, there is a wide range of stone or gravel mulch. For playground areas of a property, a special bark mulch can be added that is child-friendly.

Protects landscaping during drought

Large properties with trees often utilize wood mulch as an important way to contribute to the longevity of the trees. The mulch acts as a moisture trap, without causing stagnant water issues. This is especially helpful for absentee property owners and homeowners that go on vacation often. This is also helpful camouflage for areas under trees where the soil is bare.

Encourages topsoil and discourages erosion

Beyond basic environmental reasons for wanting to prevent soil erosion, bulk mulch can serve the purpose of enhancing topsoil. While wood mulch is a likely candidate for creating new soil under trees or shrubs to prevent erosion, stone mulch also helps soil stay in place. Rock mulch is particularly helpful for areas around the home that might have bare patches of earth that are prone to erosion. The rock mulch helps keep remaining earth in place and when properly graded helps direct water away from the foundation.

Prevents pests from digging

Property owners can spend hundreds of dollars on landscaping because animals are digging up expensive plants. Offenders often include neighborhood dogs, woodchucks and squirrels. All of these animals like to dig in the earth, and they do not understand you have shrubs that do not need their contributions. Instead of having terse words with neighbors or opening a squirrel relocation program, installing a deep helping of rock mulch usually helps to deter these types of visitors.

Let us help create a mulch solution for your property

Although we have explained many angles to the mulch industry, feel free to call us with any questions you might have. From a simple suggestion to plans for a major landscaping or gardening overhaul, we are here to help. Whether you need bulk wood mulch, playground safety mulch, rock or stone mulch, we are one phone call away. Thank you in advance for choosing Melvin Mulch, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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Photo by Joe Hoover from Flickr using Creative Commons license.