Things To Consider When Choosing Stone Mulch

stone mulch pathway in garden weed membrane blanket fabric 225x300

Stone mulch pathway in garden

The most common landscaping question many homeowners have is about whether stone mulch or traditional mulch is a better option for landscaping. It really depends on what areas in the yard you want to use mulch or stone, and what your personal preferences are.

Traditional mulch is good to use around trees and in flower beds, while stone mulch is a terrific option for places like around swimming pools, framing a natural or man-made pond, in front of a house, near outdoor cooking areas, around outdoor fireplaces and on pathways.

Benefits of Traditional Wood Mulch and Stone Mulch

Either type of mulch can be used, and both have specific advantages. Traditional mulch requires a bit more upkeep and needs to be replaced or have more mulch added yearly to keep it looking its best. Organic mulch adds crucial nutrients to soil and plants and it creates a healthy atmosphere for growth. Wood mulch is lighter weight and won’t require a barrier fabric underneath. Mulch from wood products helps insulate soil, can keep plants and trees from freezing, lessens the need for weeding and helps to keep the area moist.

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Pea Gravel

Stone mulch doesn’t need as much upkeep. It looks terrific for many years once it’s put in place and is almost maintenance free. Stones come in many attractive varieties from river rocks to granite to pea gravel, and they come in colors ranging from red to black, white, gold and tan. Other choices of stone when you choose to buy your stone mulch from Melvin Mulch include:

* Purple crush
* Red granite
* River rocks
* Red Lava Rock
* Western sunset in shades of brown and red
* Brown granite

Choices of landscaping rocks are most effectively made by considering the other colors used in landscaping schemes, the color of your home and personal preferences. If the look you’re trying to achieve is a Southwest look, choices of reds and browns create a stunning look. If a nature inspired look is desired, you can choose river rocks and various colors of granite.

Things To Remember When Using Rocks For Landscaping

When rocks are used for your landscaping or mulching project, you’ll need to put fabric down first to discourage weed growth. Rocks are heavier than traditional mulch and take more effort to install. The upside is that natural stone mulches help prevent fungus growth and keep debris to a minimum. This makes stone a great choice for swimming pool and yard living areas.

Your Choice Creates A Beautiful Yard

Whether you choose natural wood mulch or stone, by putting careful thought into the look you’re trying to achieve and seeking some professional help and advice, your yard can be an enjoyable, relaxing place to be year round. Mulch adds a pretty color contrast to green lawns and flower beds, while some mulch types have the extra benefit of pest repellent properties. Using mulch is an easy and cost-effective way to improve the look of any yard. Ask the mulch experts at Melvin Mulch which mulch best suits your landscaping needs.