Using Stone Mulch for Landscaping

red rock granite 2 x 1 inch hand 300x200

Red Rock Granite 2 x 1 inch

Mulching your garden is very beneficial. It helps to reduce erosion and prevents water loss. Mulching also can help improve soil nutrition and provide a more balanced soil temperature. While most people like to use wood chips or bark for mulch, there is an alternative type of mulch that many people fail to consider. Stone mulch is an excellent alternative to typical wood varieties of mulch. It has benefits that make it superior in some situations. Here is everything you need to know about using stone for mulching.

Benefits of Stone Mulch

There are many reasons that gardeners decide to use stone as their mulching choice. One of the primary benefits is permanence. When you have stone as your mulch, you do not constantly have to reapply it regularly like you do with wood varieties of mulch. In addition, stone is the superior option when it comes to erosion prevention. Also, stone is better than wood when it comes to keeping the soil moist.

Choosing a Type of Stone

If the benefits of using stone as your mulching option sound good to you, the first thing you must decide is what kind of stone you want to use. There are three main options that people go with when they mulch with stone. The first is crushed stone. Also referred to as gravel or pebble mulch, crushed stone is the most economic choice when it comes to stone mulches. However, the little pebbles can easily get out of the intended mulching area. This looks unattractive, and it can lead to dings in your mower blade.

Another popular option for stone mulching is pumice rock. Pumice is type of rock that is formed in volcanic eruptions. It is very lightweight. It has the ability to retain moisture, which is something no other type of stone mulch can do. Pumice is a great mulch for flowerbeds and other types of perennial garden beds.

Finally, there is good old rock mulch. Rock mulch is made up of a wide variety of sizes and shapes of stones. It is also a popular choice for perennial garden beds. One advantage that rock mulch has over other stone mulches is that it is much easier to remove because the bigger rocks are easier to handle. Large rocks also absorb more heat, which can come in handy in certain climates.

Using Stone to Mulch

If you want to install mulch made from stone, it is an easy process. There are two things you will have to do first before you lay down the stone. First, you will need to edge the area to hold the rocks in place. You can use wood, bricks, plastic or large stones to form the edge of the mulching area. You will also want to lay down some landscaping fabric before you put the mulch down. In conjunction with the stone, the landscape fabric will help to prevent weeds from growing.

Using stone as your mulching option can be a smart choice. It is up to you to decide what kind will work best in your garden. Although there are practical reasons to use stone, many people simply love the way it looks. If you think stone mulch is the right choice for you, give it a try to see how it benefits your garden.